Elena Dussaq Cash, Managing Director | Beekman Social

I recently had the pleasure of partnering with Caitlin. I was looking for a solid paid strategist that could partner with me to really push our performance across all clients. Within days Caitlin was optimizing processes and templatizing efforts to alleviate churn. She also restructured existing social strategies leading to immediate cost efficiencies. Her impact was felt across individual accounts and the agency operations in general. For one FinTech client, her targeting and budget strategies across LinkedIn and Twitter resulted in a surplus of qualified leads for their B2B software while exceeding cost efficiency goals. The value of just one lead converting to a subscription would equate to a 4x ROAS on that campaign’s entire paid social advertising budget.

Other than being a solid senior paid strategist, she also happens to be awesome to work with - team player with a big heart for her colleagues and the work